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Achievements & Awards

 The School conducts periodic curriculum review of KSL training programs and courses;
 Validation of CPD & Para-Legal Program by stakeholders in -2008
 Advocates Training Program curriculum review -2009
  Advocates Training Program, Continuing Legal & Professional Development & Para-Legal program curricula review -2011
Validation of Research and Development Policy-2011
The School engaged with Law Society of Kenya to institutionalize the pupillage program and;
Developed workbook for use of pupil-masters and students
Conducted pupil-master sensitization workshops across the country
Supervision of pupillage by KSL Lecturers
The School launched Para-legal support services training program in 2009 and thereafter relocated the program from Karen Campus to Central Business District (CBD) due to long distance from the CBD to the Karen Campus;
The program started with 1 class of forty five (45) students Presently, day and evening classes total to seventy four (74) students.The School has continuously engaged stakeholders and development partners in collaboration and partnerships in legal education and training programs;Public Service; Ministries and State corporations Private Sector Organizations, Development partners FLSTAP, GJLOS, GIZ &AdenaurKonrad KSL is committed to Capacity development of staff.

The initiatives include;
Increased qualified and competent lecturers and staff engaged academic staff in clinical teaching and specialized training KSL undertook infrastructure development to meet increased ATP program demand. The School has undertaken the following projects;
Hostel Block - 2010
Lecture theatre; Phase 1 - opened in 2010Lecture theatre; Phase 2 - ongoing
Building of ultra -modern library-ongoing
Bench marking visit (s)
In 2011, ATP Lecturers went on a bench-marking visit to Law Development Centre – Uganda to compare and share legal training experiences.‘A preferred center of excellence in professional legal training in the East African region and beyond’.

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