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Advocates Training Programme

Training Programme Dates

The Training programmed dates are generally in the following months:
1. Registration : January
2. Term 1 : January – April
3. Term break : 2 weeks in April
4. Term 2 : May – July
5. Term break : July – August
6. Term 3 : August – October
7. Term break : October – November
8. Examinations : November
9. Term 4 : January – June (Pupillage)


Training Programme
Before a student can pass the ATP, he/she shall be subjected to four types of assessment as follows:

a) Project work (1st Term)

b) Oral examination (2nd Term)

c) Written examination (3rd Term)

d) Supervised pupilage (4th Term)

Project work
This shall be undertaken by each firm at the end of Term 1 in all the nine designated courses on such topics, as the examiner will determine. It shall be represented as a project work report and shall be marked out of 20. Firm leaders must ensure participation of all firm members.

Oral examination
This examination shall be taken towards the end of Term 2. Each student shall appear before a panel of two examiners and will be examined on cross-cutting practical issues in all or any combination of the nine courses for not more than 10 minutes.Any student who fails to take the oral examination will not be eligible to take the written examination.The examiners are from the Academic staff; full-time and adjunct staff.

The student shall be examined on content, knowledge and comprehension of substance examined; presentation; audibility; composure and etiquette.This examination shall be graded out of 20 and attributed to all the designated courses.

Written examination
At the end of Term 3, student will sit a written examination in each of the nine courses of three hours each. This examination will have emphasis on application of the law than on theory. The written examination shall consist of five application questions of 20 marks each and the student must attempt three. This examination will be marked out of 60.

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