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Advocates Training Programme

Smoking Policy

The Kenya School of Law is a non-smoking zone.

Upon registration every student shall be issued with a student identity card. The card must be worn visibly at all times within the School. The card is the property of the School. Loss must be immediately reported to the Academic Manager. A fine of Kshs. 500 shall be imposed for replacement of a lost card. It must be surrendered when one is clearing from the School.

Interaction between students as well as students and KSL staff should be through outlined channels. During interaction students are required to maintain respect and avoid fights and brawls.

Legal Framework
It is incumbent on each student to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Council of Legal Education (Kenya School of Law) Regulations, 2009 (Legal Notice No. 169 of 2009) that provides the general legal framework for training in the ATP at this School.

Inquiries & Complaints
Incase a student has an issue, it should be brought to the Firm Leaders’ attention, who will inform the class Supervisor. If the issue is not sorted at that point, the Supervisor forwards the complaint which should be in writing to the Academic Services Manager. He then forwards the matter to the Assistant Director, Advocates Training Programme and if the matter is still not sorted, it is brought to the attention of the Deputy Director.

Inquiries about application, admission, registration fees payment & processing, assignment delivery, examination results, resits, clearance and gazettement are handled by Academic Services Department and Assistant Director, Advocates Training Program.

Other inquiries will be handled by the Firm Leaders, Class Representatives and Class Supervisors (Lecturers)

Students Welfare
The School has various committees which handle student matters:
1. Students Disciplinary Committee
2. Disability Mainstreaming Committee
3. Sports Committee
4. HIV/AIDS Prevention Committee
5. Gender Mainstreaming Committee

Student welfare matters for ATP students shall be handled by the Legal Clinic Manager, Mr. Albert Simiyu, Principal Lecturer Mrs. Rose Ruto. Para-Legal Coordinator Mr. Dennis Kiura will handle welfare issues for Para-Legal studnets.

School transport is provided subject to student numbers and payment of requisite fees whereby the bus picks and drops students from designated points for lectures.

Any other use for the bus is through a formal request submitted through the Assistant Director, ATP & PS and subject to availability. Transport may be availed only for School activities such as sports.
Students may request to hire School transport which will be subject to the terms of hire.
Use of Designated Bus Stops.

Public service vehicles are by law required to make use of designated bus stops. Students should therefore not alight/ board these vehicles directly at the turn off to the School.

Access to Administration Block
Students wishing to access the administration block shall be required to use Gate C. Gate B shall be used only for access to the canteen.

Student Identity Cards
Each student shall be provided with a student ID which must be worn visibly at all times within the School premises. Failure to do so may result in denial of access to certain facilities within the School.
Vehicle Inspection.

As part of measures taken to enhance the security of the School and its properties, vehicles exiting the School compound will be subjected to a security search. At the point of exit, drivers will be requested to open their boots and lower their windows, if they are tinted, for inspection. Students shall be required to declare any electronic and/or related equipment upon entry into the School as proof of ownership. The declaration will be done by filling details of such equipment in the visitors’ register, at the gate. Pedestrians with such items will also be required to register them. Any items declared will be cleared upon exit.

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