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Paralegal Studies

Para-Legal Calendar

  1. The academic year runs from May in each year. Each term will run for 12 weeks – 10 lecture weeks; 1 dead week and 1 examination week. In effect each term will have 40 contact hours per subject.
  2. The Paralegal academic year runs as follows:
  • Term 1: May – July
    Examinations: July
  • Term 2: August – November
    Examinations: November
  • Term 3: January – April
    Examinations: March


  1. Examinations shall be conducted either at the Kenya School of Law or an accredited Centre and in both cases shall be supervised by the School.
  2. All subjects shall be examined during the term in which they are taken. Such examinations shall be named ordinary examinations.
  3. Examinations shall consist of continuous assessment tests and end of term examinations.
  4. Continuous assessment tests shall account for 30% of the total mark in the subject, and the end of term examination constituting 70% of the total mark in the subject.
  5. No candidate shall be admitted to an end of term examination unless the candidate attended at least two thirds of the course of study for the subject in question. Such candidate shall be deemed to have failed the unit and shall be required to repeat the unit.
  6. All units shall be graded out of 100 marks and the pass mark shall be 50%. The mark grade shall be translated into letter grades as follows:-
      a. 70% and above A
      b. 60% and below 70% B
      c. 50% and below 60% C
      d. Below 50% E
    7. Where a student fails in any subject, he may resit the end of term exam when the subject is next offered. Such a student will have to score at least 35 out of 70 marks in the written examination to pass the course.

Appeal for Reassessment
a) A student who is not satisfied with the grade which he/she has been awarded in any subject may appeal to the Director for re-marking of the written examination paper in that subject upon payment of the appropriate fee which the School shall determine from time to time. The grade and mark recommended by an independent examiner after re-marking shall be the final grade and mark awarded to the student for the subject.
b) No appeal for re-marking of any unit shall be entertained in cases where the appeal has been submitted later than one month after the student has been notified of the mark.

Examination Irregularities
a) A student who is alleged to have been involved in any examination irregularity as defined in the School Examination Regulations will have his/her examination results withheld until a verdict is arrived at by the School Disciplinary Committee.
b) A student who is found guilty of any examination irregularity shall be subject to the appropriate penalties as detailed in School Examination Regulations and shall not proceed with the course of study until the matter is conclusively resolved.

Certification and Award
a) To be considered for the award of the Diploma in Paralegal Studies, a candidate must have taken and passed in all the prescribed twenty-four (24) subjects.
b) The final award of the Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) shall be denoted Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) and will be based on the average score in all the subjects taken.
c) A candidate who qualifies for the award of the Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) shall be placed in one of three classes as follows:
i. Distinction
ii. Credit
iii. Pass
d) In coming to a decision as to the class of the diploma to be awarded to a candidate, the School shall apply the following principle:
i. Distinction 70% or above.
ii. Credit Above 60% but less than 70%.
iii. Pass Above 50% but less than 60%.
e) No candidate with the overall average mark of less than 50% shall be awarded the Diploma.

2nd year term 1 2017 Paralegal Provisional Results

1st year term 1 2017 Paralegal Provisional Results


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