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Sports Facilities

In line with promoting a healthy and holistic lifestyle, a varied range of sports and recreational facilities are available.

Recreational facilities available include:

  • a standard-size Swimming Pool
  • A Sauna
  • A Tennis Court
  • A Basketball court
  • A Football pitch with a jogging track

Sports and Games Section
Sports and games is a sub- unit under Hospitality section which falls under HR &Administration Department. The role of the sub-unit is to organize and coordinate all the Sports activities within the Institution.

Sports facilities
The following are the available facilities;

  • Football pitch
  • Swimming pool ( Standard size)
  • Running track
  • Sauna


However, should students show interest in non-available facilities which are popular i.e. Basketball, Netball, Lawn Tennis and Volleyball, the School may consider outsourcing the services for equal representation.

Sports Committee
The role of the committee is to advise the Director on matters related to Sports and Games in the School throughout the year. The committee comprise of eight members representing various departments of the School of which two are from senior positions. The chair of the committee is a senior Lecturer assisted by HR & Administration Manager while the secretary is the staff in-charge of sports.

Coordination of activities

Sports and Games Office coordinates the activities after approval by the Sports Committee and management’s full support. These include internal and external activities among others.

Involvement of Student and Staff

Besides Academics, Kenya School of Law organizes various games annually for their staff and students. This is done as a way of team building which also creates a room for the sportsmen and women to nurture their talents. Participation also includes top management staff, that is Senior Managers and Lecturers which boost up morale to our junior staff and students.

The participants are awarded certificates of participation at the end of Academic year under the signatures of Director/CEO and Council Chair.

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