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About Library

The Kenya School of Law Main library is located at Gate A in Karen, while a smaller library that serves the Para-legal students at the Town Campus Located at Development House. The library has been in operation since the inception of the School in 1963 when the School was located on Valley Road.

The library provides information and library services to the students, staff, its alumni and the surrounding community.

The library's current collection includes: - books, journals, magazines, newspapers and online databases such as Lexis Nexis, Law Africa Law Reports, Kenya Law Reports among others.

The library is currently organized by subject area within the various stages of legal training namely:-
(a)    Legal Writing and Drafting,
(b)    Trial Advocacy,
(c)    Civil Litigation,
(d)    Criminal Litigation,
(e)    Professional Ethics,
(f)    Commercial Transactions,
(g)    Legal Practice Management (Human Resource Management, Commercial Accounts, Office Practice),
(h)    Probate and Administration,
(i)    Conveyancing.

The Library is an integral part of the academic programs as it services and supports the teaching and training of legal education. Its purpose is to build collections and stocking materials of both legal and professional knowledge. It facilitates access to reading materials in form of on-line services and reference books.  It also facilitates research and practical learning. The Library in conjunction with the ICT department perform induction training for academic staff and students in the academic programs on the use of ICT in searching , accessing and retrieving relevant materials on-line.

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