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Prospective Student Information

Student Application Process
•    KSL Advertises in the press.
•    Potential Students Applications are received.
•    Selection is conducted based on a specified criterion.
•    Notification to Students that require proficiency tests (Waiting List)
•    Successful applicants receive notification (Direct Admission - Admit) Note: Students that pass their proficiency tests get this notification.
•    Unsuccessful applications receive notification (Reject)
Student Admission Process (Initial Registration)
•    Initial Students Registration (Admissions)
•    Exemptions (Exemptions are no longer allowed in the new ATP Program that begun in 2008)
•    Admission Letters are issued.
Student Registration Process
•    Register For courses (Proof of Fee Payment is required during course registration)
•    Student ID’s Issued.
•    Exam Registration – A student is required to fill a form and is then issued with an examination card.
•    Re-sit Registration (Two Situations)
1.     A student is required to redo the course and exams.
2.    A student is required to only redo the exams.
Admission to the Bar
For admission to the bar, theschool participates in the following processes.
•    Preparation of compliance certificates.
•    Gazette the names of students who have completed the training successfully.
•    Clear the students from the school (Clearance has been discussed above)
•    Forward a hard/soft copy of names to be gazetted to the government printers.
•    Forward a copy of the gazetted students to the registrar of the high court

ATP 2014 Advert

IT IS NOTIFIED for general information that the 2014/2015 academic year at the Kenya School of Law shall commence on 13thJanuary 2014.Candidates seeking admission to the School are required to forward their applications together with the following mandatory documents:

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ATP Application Form

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